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Legalization of documents from Sana 21

Our Agency offers specialized services related to the legalization of any kind of documents, issued in the country and abroad, at all Ministries, Departments, Embassies, etc. in the shortest time possible.

We will consult you thoroughly and free of charge over the process of legalization of every document before you leave it to us, and if you wish, we can perform the legalization for you. At your request, we can take in your order at your office at a convenient time for you as well as to send it back.

We legalize your documents in all ministries and departments where necessary, some of which are:

State fees for legalization of documents:

Things you need to know about the legalization of documents:

In order to be acknowledged in Bulgaria, any document issued abroad has to be certified with an “Apostille” by the competent institutions in the country of origin, then translated in Bulgaria and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which only certifies the signature of the translator. Countries which have contracts for “legal assistance” with Bulgaria are exempt from this rule. In those cases it’s not necessary to certify the document issued abroad with an Apostille. It’s only necessary to have the original document or a notary certified copy.

And vice-versa – when a Bulgarian document has to be acknowledged in a foreign country, it has to be translated and legalized in Bulgaria. The translation has to be made by a sworn translator or an agency which has a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for performing official translations, and the document has to be certified with the so-called “Apostille.”

Legalization of public documents in Bulgaria is done by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As of the 1st of June 2013, the Ministry of Education and science acts as the competent authority that certifies with an Apostille all educational documents issued by institutions of primary, secondary, and higher education in Bulgaria.

Those are the authorities that certify and legalize Bulgarian public acts (documents) with the aforementioned certificate Apostille.

You can find detailed information regarding the issuing of the Apostille certificate on the corresponding web pages of the Ministries. And if you’re having trouble with understanding the process, you are more than welcome to come for a consultation in our office!

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