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Written translation

Written translation

Any civil status certificates, diplomas, transcripts, certificates, power of attorneys, declarations, company documents, agreements, offers, projects, technical documentation, etc. could be subject of translation.

The languages for translation are divided in 4 main groups according to how widespread they are:

  • First Group Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc.
    • Personal Documents: BGN 15 per page
    • Company Documents: BGN 16 per page
  • Second Group Languages: Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Moldavian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Slovenian;
    • Personal Documents: BGN 18-20 per page
    • Company Documents: BGN 20 per page
  • Third Group Languages: Arabic, Armenian, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Albanian
    • Personal Documents: BGN 24-30 per page
    • Company Documents: BGN 24-30 per page
  • Fourth Group Languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Georgian, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Hebrew, Finnish
    • Personal Documents: BGN 30-50 per page /depending on whether the translation is from or into the aforesaid languages/
    • Company Documents: BGN 30-50 per page /depending on whether the translation is from or into the aforesaid languages/

For full information about the prices, click here.

How the size of translated text is counted?

According to the operative standards in Bulgaria (BDS EN 15038:2006) the translation page consists of 1800 characters (incl. the intervals). “Translation page” means a page from the translated text. In the sense of that, the price of translation is determined namely over the numbers of the translated pages, not over the numbers of the original.

Taking orders:

  • Specifying the language the texts will be translated into
  • Specifying the price and the terms for implementation
  • Requirements regarding the transliteration of names, conforming to requirements in terms of terminology (possible giving of subsidiary materials/glossaries), writing out of abbreviations in the document
  • The order for translation can be send through our online questions form.

Receiving the order

  • By e-mail;
  • Printed /legal, official translation/;
  • On electronic carrier;
  • By courier;
  • By post at a specified address
  • The receiving term is determined when making the order.

Terms for translation

  • Normal translation: 3 to 5 working days
  • Urgent translation: up to 1 working day
  • Express translation: up to 8 working ours /since the time the order was made/

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Office 2

Geo Milev res. Distr., 
6 Tsvetan Radoslavov Str. 
mobile: +359 888 440 640
mobile: +359 896 521 827


Working Hours 
Monday - Friday
From 9 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.
no lunch break


Office 1

119 Evl. i Hr. Georgievi Blvd., Ground floor, 

1504 Sofia
Tel./Fax:/359 2/ 944 3455;
mobile: +359 887 242 144

Working Hours 
Monday - Thursday
From 9 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.
no lunch break


From 9 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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Way of payment

  • In cash at the office
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery
Online payment through
Description Amount
Translation services BGN
The payments are processes through - the Internet system for payments with bank cards and micro accounts
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